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  • I have a lot of happiness in my life
  • my best friend is just blatantly the best
  • my other beautiful friends who I never have to pretend around
  • my family members are all so kind and funny and supportive
  • Tom and I are talking about moving in together late next year
  • I have nice boobs and apparently I’m a “big booty baaaabe”
  • my sister has always been one of my best friends
  • I’m more intelligent than I tell myself I am, I’m good at psychology and health and human rights related fields
  • travelling to america next year
  • I’m good at my job and I’m good with children
  • I make the best bruschetta and pizza dough from scratch
  • I’m a really good friend and I care about people

“Nostalgia in reverse, the longing for yet another strange land, grew especially strong in spring.”

Vladimir Nabokov, Mary  (via bbbonez)


From Burning Man 2014.

I stupidly decided to take a literature unit as an elective at uni (forgetting that I would have to actually read books for it, whoops lol), and now I have to do this creative writing alternate ending to one of the books we’ve read for class and because it’s such a gross assessment I have put it off and now it’s due tomorrow at 4pm and I am in trouble with a capital T  

Portraits of women by Gustav Klimt after 1900 almost resemble mosaics. The term AESTHETIC DECORATION is used mostly to describe this. It’s use means that there is no reference to the sitter’s location, family, interests, etc, as mainly their hands, face and decolletage are the only things peeking out of the geometrical patterns that surround them.

It is possible to read the portraits as the sitters being marooned from the world and many scholars have noted that the overt use of aesthetic decoration symbolizes the isolation felt by Klimt, and how he had withdrawn into himself and his art shortly after he renounced the University of Vienna commission in 1904. 

“Avoid the friendship of those who constantly inquire and discuss the flaws of others.”

Arabic Proverb  (via enjoui)

  • I’m studying personality in psych at the moment, and it’s true that personality stays relatively constant (i.e. people don’t really change, at least not significantly)
  • first year of uni so far has equated to me making friends (but like friends who you drink with and don’t tell secrets to), but now I’m starting to develop actual solid friendships with people in my course
  • my new bosses at work seem to really like me and keep giving me opportunities for advancement, but I just have to keep saying no because of my health which is worrying because I really love my job and I don’t want to seem ungrateful
  • it’s weird how easy it can be to forget that people exist when you don’t see them for a long time